Month: February 2013

Jordan Hodess as Benny Southstreet

Shared Character Trait: Constantly strives to know the future Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Spending a special closing night of Les Misérables with the departing seniors and the rest of the Les Mis family Immersing himself in theater young, Hodess first performed on stage in the musical Oliver when he was in 5th grade. With encouragement from family and friends,

Abu Akki as Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Shared Character Trait: Lacks common sense at times; loyal to friends Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Wearing a turban Because Akki has such talent on the stage, it may come as a surprise that Phantom of the Opera was his first acting experience, in which he played Piangi. Akki credits his newly-found passion for theater to its accepting, tight

Ashish Streatfield as Harry the Horse

Shared Character Trait: Likes to [play] crap[s] regularly Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Preparing for Running in the Red, which was, by far, the most humorous play in which he has performed Streatfield plays Harry the Horse, a thug who is showing his friend, Big Jule, around New York. Harry is demanding, and holds considerable power over some of the

Natalie Walden as Miss Adelaide

Shared Character Trait: Doesn’t support gambling Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Performing in the new auditorium for the first time; when her skirt almost fell off during “All I Ask of You” in Phamtom of the Opera Walden—you might remember her as Christine from Phantom of the Opera or Pamela in The 39 Steps—is now tackling the role of Miss Adelaide

Brandon Baumeister as Nathan Detroit

Shared Character Trait: Excessive gambling habits Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Playing Hot Blades Harry in Urinetown Baumeister first emerged into the world of drama with his audition for the UHS production of Les Misérables. Since, his passion for the stage has flourished and has inspired him to take part in numerous UHS plays and musicals, including this

Evan Dupuis as Sky Masterson

Shared Character Trait: Dashing good looks Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Sword-fighting in Phantom For those of you in the Musical (not a play!) Guys and Dolls, you might know of a “dashing” fellow named Sky Masterson. Sky resides in the vivacious and melodious 1950’s New York City and is an extreme gambler. For the remaining fraction of

Victoria Provost as Sarah Brown

Shared Character Trait: Niceness; sweetness Favorite UHS Theater Memory: Opening night of Les Mis because it inspired her love of musical theater Provost is playing Sarah Brown, a sergeant in a missionary in the heart of New York who is doing her best to save the souls of the gamblers and drunks in the city. Provost comments “I

Guys and Dolls features cast of 75

The production of Guys and Dolls is right around the corner. Under the direction of Betsy Ballard and Brittany Baumeister, the cast, crew, and pit orchestra—directed by Scott Litzenberg—is busy preparing for three stellar performances. Featuring a talented cast of actors and musicians such as Natalie Walden, Evan Dupuis, Victoria Provost, Brandon Baumeister, Abu Akki,