Month: March 2013

UHS graduate wins Grammy

The 55th annual Grammy Awards returned to the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 25, 2013 to honor those who have achieved great success in the music industry and have won the public’s attention as the year’s most prominent artists. Nominees included an impressive list of today’s leading artists, such as Taylor Swift, The

Dartmouth sparks AP reconsideration

Dartmouth’s new policy not to accept Advanced Placement (AP) credits as college credits in 2014 has placed AP courses under re-examination. In justification of the recent change, Dartmouth Dean Michael Mastanduno told the Washington Post that “high AP exam scores are not a substitute for a Dartmouth undergraduate class.” Over the years, the reputation of

Meet the models

  Kerri O’ Neill has been modeling for a little over one year with Wilhelmina of Philadelphia. She has recently been spotted on the runway of Philly Fashion Week and Von Alexandria’s runway show. Also, O’Neill has been modeling Priscilla Costa Bridal gowns and plans to be in more runway shows, to attend a week of

I can’t believe…

…that Hannah Grandell frolicked onto the Union field and changed her life forever! Can you believe it, bloggers? One of our own has been “banned-for-life” from PPL Park! After the spontaneous decision to hop the walls and dodge the macho security guards, Hannah Grandell found herself face to face with goalie Zac MacMath. With the


When it comes to the latest social networking sites, Instagram is obviously the greatest. Who wouldn’t want to see a picture of the same Starbucks cup from 30 different angles or an “artsy” photo of your sushi at Masamoto? Insta is useful in many other ways, too. For instance, every Sunday, users have the pleasure

An Optical Illusion

Want to be an Instagram pro? It’s really quite easy. There are just a few simple steps: Download the app on your smartphone, buy some over-priced sushi at your favorite restaurant, snap a picture, and find the most artsy filter you can find. Throw in a picture or two of your pets and you’re an

Long Live Facebook

Facebook is the complete package of the social networks. Twitter incorporates the status portion of Facebook, while Instagram covers the photo section, but Facebook makes social networks a business and a social norm. So why is it dying?  Let’s start at the beginning.  In our generation, Facebook came to fame during middle school for most

Hashtag Swag

With Twitter becoming the new Facebook, many are turning to twitter as their preferred social network. In many aspects, twitter does beat out Facebook. On Facebook, you have to be friends with everyone. Anyone that you have ever come in humanly contact with becomes a Facebook friend about an hour after meeting someone for the