Month: May 2013

Game of the Month: May 2013

Boys Baseball vs. Great Valley May 13th @ 3:45PM In the past three seasons, the varsity baseball team has gone through two different coaches and has struggled to achieve its full potential. This year however, a balanced roster of talented seniors and juniors has helped the Indians turn their past misfortunes around. Seniors Kyle Fries

“Be Brief. Be Legible. Be Creative.”

These are the only instructions you receive when you log onto In providing such flexible boundaries, founder Frank Warren left the doors wide open for his audience. With those vague guidelines, the variety of responses did not come as a surprise, but the quantity of replies has been astonishing. PostSecret is directed towards people

The best of times, the twerk of times

I can remember all the dance fads that faded in and out thought my education: the Macarena in elementary school, the shopping cart and sprinkler of middle school, even the frenetic Berney of yesteryear. That being said, of all these much-beloved catastrophes of commercial dance, none compare to the captivating and enigmatic twerk. With all the previous fads I’ve seen, they’ve all

42 Hits Homerun

What better film to accompany baseball season than a cinematic biography of Jackie Robinson, the man who dramatically changed that game as one of the first African American to play Major League baseball. The title of the movie, 42, was Robinson’s number when he was on the Brooklyn Dodgers and is now for ever retired in Robinson’s memory. 42 is a great historical biopic that is both emotionally moving and enthralling. In

Have you ever been to a movie so bad that you stormed out of the theater?

The movie that caused me to walk out of the theater was Identity Theft, an idiotic and cringe-inducing “comedy” starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. The movie supposedly followed Jason Bateman on a manhunt to find the woman who stole his identity, although, I wouldn’t know, as after 15 minutes of utter stupidity I had to leave the theater. The premise was completely unrealistic,