Month: October 2013

Sam Wofford: Argentina

Sam Wofford Anyone who has ever moved knows that it can be stressful. Making new friends, adjusting to one’s surroundings, unpacking—nobody really enjoys it. Unless you’re Sam Wofford. Sam has a bad case of wanderlust, and as a junior in high school, he’s already attempting to quench his thirst for travel. He explained, “I’ve never

UHS continues to strengthen security

A few weeks after the tragic events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Unionville High School took drastic measures to increase security and to make sure those who are visiting the school are actually there to do as they say. Principal Paula Massanari says, “School security was not very good a few years

The Science of Fear

Our brains have evolved to fear different things within our environment and what we have learned from our surroundings. It may be fear of public speaking, or asking someone to prom, but all humans become afraid with experience, whether it is something they have experienced themselves or if they are merely following the example shown

The Origin of Fear

The emotion fear comes from a wide range of origins, from danger, to cultural influence, to the future. Anything can truly create fear, depending on the severity and the person. Fear is divorced from any true immediate danger, coming in numerous forms: unease, anxiety, tension, dread, phobia, etc. These kinds of fear are of something

Shut the Front Door

I sat on the couch, half mindedly listening to the news, the same old reports of criminals, drugs, and war. The last few seconds devoted to a bloodthirsty murderer on the loose bored me even more. I undoubtedly knew that the new anchors lied about the killer, only hoping to entertain the viewers. I yawned

The Man in the Mirror

I walk into the room where the man I’ve been seeing each and everyday sits. Before approaching him, I am warned about the violent seizure he suffered the night before. I sit down to begin my routine questioning. He struggles to meet my eyes. “Good morning Scott”, I say with a kind smile. I slide

Science Behind Fears

Imagine you’re watching TV and suddenly your front door swings open. Your muscles become tense, your heart races, you start to breathe rapidly. A second later you find that the wind had blown your door open, but in that moment, your body triggered the fight or flight response. What happened to trigger such a response?