Month: February 2014

Maintain political correctness

POINT-COUNTERPOINT Unionville Indians: Time for a change? In 1999, the NAACP called for the end of the use of Native American names, symbols, and mascots with backing from the U.S. commission for Civil Rights in order to address the racial insensitivity towards this particular minority. The use of Native Americans in athletics and high schools

Don’t change the mascot

POINT-COUNTERPOINT Unionville Indians: Time for a change? The Indian is a major part of the history and everyday life of Unionville High School. While our mascot generalizes Native Americans as being from prehistoric Indian territory- which is considered by some to be false- it is not as demeaning and racist as calling them Redskins or

Change academic requirements

Course selection is over. After pondering what classes to sign up for, frantically checking to see that course prequisites were met, and procrastinating until the last day to ask for teachers’ signatures, underclassmen have once again chosen the classes they’ll be taking next year. And once again, the graduation requirements put in place by the

College admissions need discretion

College-bound seniors: please think of your audience before you speak about schools you have gotten into. It is insensitive to brag about getting into a better school than one of your peers can even hope to considered for. People are on very different levels when it comes to applying to schools, and no one has

Shooting photographs for the future

After a wilderness trip in the summer of 2012, I looked over some of the photographs I had taken on that trip and I discovered that one of my true passions in life is photography. A remarkable number of them proved to be more than just a point-and-shoot picture, so I decided to pursue photography

Patton Gardening Project prospers

Founded in 2010 by Patton Middle School FCS teachers Betsy Ballard and Kimberly Hisler, the Patton Project has built twenty-two raised gardening beds and a greenhouse outside of the middle school’s front entrance. Fresh fruit that is free of pesticides is available to the students, as well as an open pergola serving as an outdoor

MLK Day of Service succeeds

For many students, a chance to sleep in is priceless and all too rare, so the remarkable turnout at this year’s Martin Luther King Day of Service showed the extent of our school’s commitment to community. On January 20th, hundreds of students sacrificed sleep after a grueling week of midterms for service, dedicating their morning

Dr. Sanville receives new contract

On January 29th, the School Board reached a tentative agreement with Dr. John Sanville on a four-year successor contract, according to the press release announcement from the board. Dr. Sanville has been serving as the UCFSD Superintendent since September 2011, when Sharon Parker retired. In a statement regarding his extended contract, Dr. Sanville said, “I