Month: April 2014

2016 SAT: Change we can believe in

All across America, parents are spending millions of dollars to ensure their children score high on the SAT. In fact, Australian research company IBISWorld reported in March 2013 that the tutoring and test prep industry generates $840.4 million a year and employs 115,000 people. Everybody knows that a high score on the SAT is important,

Letter to the Editor: Putin and Crimea

Dear Editor, As I am sure most of you are at least tangentially aware, during the last few weeks the international community has been wracked by a developing crisis on the Crimean Peninsula, which may or may not be part of the Ukraine. For those out of the loop, here are the highlights. In February,

Extend speed limit zone ‘til 6:30 PM

The administration needs to extend the fifteen mile per hour speed limit zone to 6:30 PM to account for drivers and pedestrians who are coming home from sports practices. We want to encourage students who live across the street to walk to and from school, so we must also protect them from the dangers of