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Giving Back for the Holidays

Elise Eginton December 16, 2014

  With the Holidays approaching extremely fast, many students find themselves getting excited for Christmas or Hanukkah. Many Unionville families are fortunate enough to have plenty of food, clothing, and a warm house to celebrate in. However, not everyone in our area shares these privileges. We have many families who will not have enough to… Continue Reading »


New Technology for 2015

Haley Keglovitz December 16, 2014

As our world moves from physical to digital, the newest technology may be confusing for uninformed consumers– especially when it comes to gift giving. Here is everything you need to know to make an informed decision on the best high-tech gifts to give all the special people in your life. iPhone 6 Plus: Ah, another… Continue Reading »


Meet Wendell, Unionville’s service dog-in-training

Ivy Yen December 16, 2014

Recently, the high school has been able to play host to a furry new student, Wendell the service dog in training. Wendell is training with Michelle Kelly to become a service  dog and help  the disabled and impaired by being both a friend and guide. IP: What is the program that you work with Wendell… Continue Reading »


Running Low On Chocolate

Emery Dana December 16, 2014

Remember back in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ended and subsequently the world ended? Yeah, me neither. But now there’s a new end-of-the-world event looming over us and it’s perfectly understandable if you feel like forming alliances and stockpiling food. I call it: the CACAOcalypse. The world’s reserve of chocolate, a popular and arguably essential… Continue Reading »


POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Should kids know if Santa is real or not?

Hannah Bass December 16, 2014

Be-claus they deserve to be happy Parents should tell their kids that Santa is real. When kids are little, the idea of Santa is a special one that creates a sense of excitement around Christmas time. Children are in awe of the magical man who brings them presents every year. He is the man who… Continue Reading »

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