Month: November 2015

Annual Art Gala Brings Community Together

On November 20th and 21st, Unionville will be hosting its 40th annual Art Gala, an event which will feature a wide variety of art from local artists, UHS Alumni, and current students. The event is historically successful and  has been one of the PTO’s biggest fundraisers for the past few years.       Each year, the

Striking a Perfect Pitch

Every year the music department puts on concerts to show parents the culmination of what their child has learned for the semester. Because the department is so large, there are two concerts that occur each semester: one for orchestra and band, and one for the various choral groups, including the newly-formed acapella club.     In recent

Drumline Leaves its Mark

As the first marking period wraps up, students reflect upon what the new school year has brought to the table. New teachers and students have arrived, classrooms are no longer deserted, books are being reopened, and extra-curricular activities have resumed. Whether we participate in sports, the arts, or service-oriented clubs, we have all felt the

Support Our Troops Club

The Support Our Troops Club was founded in 2014 by junior Matthew Daniels. The club’s aim is to raise money for veteran charities and to spread awareness of veterans’ issues. Since the club’s inception, it has been raising money for the Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness in Bluemont, Virginia. At this retreat,


The SAT, a test taken across the country by high school students, heavily influences where a student studies after high school. A student with a higher test score will likely study at a better college than a student with a lower test score. However, the SAT is not an accurate reflection of a student’s skill


As Seniors and Juniors prepare for college, the importance of standardized test scores becomes apparent. Almost every college, from state universities to the Ivy League, requires that students take either the SAT or the ACT. Not only do the tests distinguish students by their scores, but they guide students towards identifying safety, target, and reach

A Cappella Club

Students may know Karalyn Joseph from her outstanding performance as Maria in last year’s school musical West Side Story. Now, she has decided to begin an a cappella club at Unionville High School, that is currently under decision by the school board to become an official club. The club will appeal to passionate music lovers