Month: January 2016

Origins of Christmas

Christmas: a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth that occurs on December 25th, when Kris Kringle comes down the chimney to deliver goodies to all the good little girls and boys. As the holiday has been celebrated for thousands of years, numerous traditions have formed and continue to appear today. The Christmas tree, for example, was

When should we celebrate Christmas?

Oh, Christmas. How much we worship and adore you! How many times have books been written in honor of your spirit, your vitality, your romantic tendencies? How many people have been persecuted for listening to the songs you generate year after year? Okay, persecuted is a bit extreme. But one cannot deny the fundamental question

Hanukkah Origin

So, most people know the basics of the Hanukkah story (oil lasted eight days instead of one), but many are unaware of the true origins of the story. It all began around 200 B.C.E when Judea (roughly the modern state of Israel) came under the rule of Antiochus III, King of the Seleucids. The Seleucid

Christmas in Mexico

Everyone in America who celebrates Christmas knows the customs and traditions. However, the way in which we celebrate is different from the way other people celebrate. Mexico celebrates Christmas on the same day that we do, but participates in different traditions. For example, in Mexico, the celebration is longer than just one day! Also, unlike