Month: April 2016

Donald Trump

Dear Editor, As my dad watched a news clip of Donald Trump with a look of approval on his face, he proclaimed that Trump was speaking his thoughts. I sat there and continued to ponder what could make a man who I hold in such high esteem sit there transfixed on an angry billionaire in

Stop Snapping, Start Living

A recent image took the world by surprise: a woman stood behind a fence waiting to see the Pope. But instead of holding her phone out to snap as many pictures as possible, she took in the moment. She created a mental memory. It seems ironic now, the device that helps people capture life’s biggest

Decile System

Author of controversial book Battle Hymn of the Battle Mother, Amy Chua once said “You can coddle your child and tell them, ‘You’re the best no matter what.’ But in the end, when they go out into the real world, I think it’s pretty tough out there and other children are cruel.” At this point

Point-Counterpoint: Specialized Schools

Specialized Track Schools: Con Dear Editor, In today’s world, being great at one thing helps someone become an expert in one field, get a high-paying job, and live a comfortable life. However, when students study many different subjects, they not only previews different jobs, but also present themselves as  a well-rounded student to selective colleges.

Winter Sports End Their Season

Recently, Winter sports have ended and spring sports have begun, so here is a look back at how our winter teams performed this season. Throughout the season for all of the sports, players worked and trained hard, bringing success for the sports teams. The high school wrestling team brought outstanding performances to all of their

Spring Sports Preview

Men’s Lacrosse:  Led by their fearless goalie, Owen Rogers, the men’s lacrosse team is young and has a lot of potential. Key offensive players for the boys include Zach Lawrence, Jack Hoopman, John Quillman, James Thomas Hower, and Will Ciccarelli, who earlier this year committed to Providence College. Key defenders include Jake Mims, Drew Menninger,

March Madness Preview

As the college basketball regular season concludes, the March craziness is here with an exciting postseason awaiting us. Before the NCAA tournament, the Conference tournaments are strong preview before the field of sixty-four. First, in the ACC, everything is clicking for the Virginia Cavaliers; the team’s star, Malcolm Brogdon, seems to be at his peak

Oh, the Places You Shouldn’t Go

Although we’ve all had those amazing, once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences, many of us have also been victim to some horrible ones as well. With spring break coming up, people are scrambling to find some last minute vacation plans. Although the destination may not be the cause of your vacation woes, here are some destinations that are


*Borger voice* Ah, Bermuda–the best place to vacation.  The small island nation is located 500 miles off the coast of North Carolina warmed by the Gulf Stream and is only a short hour-and-a-half flight from Philadelphia.  I was #blessed enough to be able to travel there in the summer before my freshman year; the Bermuda