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Kate Evanko April 1, 2016

*Borger voice* Ah, Bermuda–the best place to vacation.  The small island nation is located 500 miles off the coast of North Carolina warmed by the Gulf Stream and is only a short hour-and-a-half flight from Philadelphia.  I was #blessed enough to be able to travel there in the summer before my freshman year; the Bermuda… Continue Reading »


Haven in Copenhagen

Laura Head April 1, 2016

I am blessed to have traveled to many fantastic locations including Oaxaca, Mexico; Lille, France; and Berlin, Germany, but perhaps the most influential vacation I have experienced is Copenhagen, Denmark. Thankfully, almost everyone in Denmark speaks decent English, so I didn’t have to worry about pronouncing words like bådsmandsstræde or hyggelig. For those of you… Continue Reading »


Christmas in Mexico

Rachel Kinane January 6, 2016

Everyone in America who celebrates Christmas knows the customs and traditions. However, the way in which we celebrate is different from the way other people celebrate. Mexico celebrates Christmas on the same day that we do, but participates in different traditions. For example, in Mexico, the celebration is longer than just one day! Also, unlike… Continue Reading »

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