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You are a Lazy Bum and Here is Why

With swimsuit season fast approaching, your schedule is surely packed with mornings at the gym and afternoons spent in the tanning booth—or so you aspire. In reality, your fitness routine, or lack of thereof, remains the same as it did all winter. Still, you tell yourself and the rest of the world that your “summer

Wacky Museums

Most people have been to a museum before. Filled with old, weathered relics and odd taxidermy, they are unlikely to receive a return visit. However, not all museums are ordinary and dull. These marvelous museums are sure to offer visitors a truly unforgettable experience. Take for instance, the Museum of Broken Relationships, which opened in

An Impossible Investigation: February

She gazed at an unmarred 103 Brickett, not quite believing what was in front of her. Mellie approached her old family home tentatively, as though stepping on the front porch a touch too harshly would lead to the house collapsing and, once again, burning. However, once she assured herself that buildings do not collapse at

Paper Heart (poem)

This paper heart cannot convey my feelings to you. It is frail and flimsy, and does not even resemble my heart (and even if it did, I wouldn’t literally give mine to you).   This box of chocolates cannot convey my feelings to you. It is loaded with sugars and fats, and will surely lead

Valentine’s poem

A leaf in the wind just out of reach, The distance ashore from a sandy beach, A child’s love, simple and tame, To them, nothing but a little game. But when you grow, Love will appear, So will passion, so will fear, Back to childhood, you want to go, But you can never make it

White Day

February 14th is a day to spoil your sweetheart with teddy bears, chocolate, and flowers. Either you love it or loathe it, and, depending on your relationship status, it could deplete your bank account.   In Japan on Valentine’s Day, it is traditional that women are the ones who spend money on chocolate for their

Indian Post Secret

A note from the RIPE editors By Alex DiFelice RIPE EDITOR We didn’t choose to create Indian PostSecret this edition as a fluff piece, or to spark any kind of drama. That is the opposite of what we strived to achieve. We chose to do Indian PostSecret to unite our student body, to remind our