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4,018 miles: Tess Wofford

Indian Post interviewed junior Tess Wofford about her time studying abroad in Germany. Wofford details her experiences overseas and reflects upon the past year. Indian Post: How did you decide that you wanted to study abroad for an entire school year? Tess Wofford: My dad and my brother both spent their junior year abroad in

4,275 miles: Fernanda Teles

Fernanda Teles is a senior from Brazil who is part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Indian Post interviewed Teles about her memorable year in the United States. Indian Post: How long have you been at Unionville and when do you head back home to Brazil? Fernanda Teles: I have been in Unionville since the

6,760 Miles: Sophia Maloney

Sophia Maloney is currently spending her senior year in Japan with Rotary’s study abroad program. Indian Post interviewed Maloney about being an exchange student. Indian Post: What is the best part about studying abroad? Sophia Maloney: All of the amazing people I’ve met from around the world. The other exchange students and I have really

Oh, the Places You Shouldn’t Go

Although we’ve all had those amazing, once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences, many of us have also been victim to some horrible ones as well. With spring break coming up, people are scrambling to find some last minute vacation plans. Although the destination may not be the cause of your vacation woes, here are some destinations that are


*Borger voice* Ah, Bermuda–the best place to vacation.  The small island nation is located 500 miles off the coast of North Carolina warmed by the Gulf Stream and is only a short hour-and-a-half flight from Philadelphia.  I was #blessed enough to be able to travel there in the summer before my freshman year; the Bermuda

Haven in Copenhagen

I am blessed to have traveled to many fantastic locations including Oaxaca, Mexico; Lille, France; and Berlin, Germany, but perhaps the most influential vacation I have experienced is Copenhagen, Denmark. Thankfully, almost everyone in Denmark speaks decent English, so I didn’t have to worry about pronouncing words like bådsmandsstræde or hyggelig. For those of you

Valentine’s Day History

  You’ve heard that joke on sitcoms; one of the characters states that Valentine’s Day is “a scam created by greeting card companies.” But is this joke true? Hallmark appears to be one of the top culprits when it comes to commercializing Valentine’s Day. However, looking at the history of Valentine’s Day, one ponders why

International Valentine’s Traditions

   Love is a universal theme. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, stores are flooded with teddy bears, roses, and chocolates. In the US, shelves brimming with stuffed animals and candy hearts are typical, but not every country celebrates Valentine’s Day the same way. Some exchange quirky little love poems, while others celebrate by literally