Artist of the Month: Carter Avayou

By Jenna Ahart ‘21

A&E Editor


Meet December’s artist of the month, Carter Avayou. Carter was chosen as this year’s senior artist by the PTO board and his peers after submitting a portfolio of his works. Ms. Porco,  his art teacher, says that “he has incredible focus once he begins a project. A lot of time and energy has to be devoted to creating a successful piece of artwork and Carter has the dedication required.” Her favorite piece of Carter’s is his triptych with fish and nature.

“It’s my favorite because it required him to create his own manipulated references.

He had to choose images that worked images that worked well. together and then construct an interesting composition. I feel it made him think more about creating original imagery.” Ms. Proco hopes to see Carter pursue illustration and graphic design, as they are both creative careers that will maintain his interest.


Indian Post: When did you begin drawing?

Carter Avayou: I began drawing as early as I can remember, I guess I could say all my life.

IP: When did you realize your talent for art?

CA: Actually, I didn’t realize it myself. My parents were the ones, and they began to push me towards improving.

IP: Do you have a preferred medium or subject for your pieces?

CA: I like using pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal because there’s a lot of control with them.

IP: What is your favorite piece that you have ever created and why?

CA: My favorite would be my charcoal piece of the old guy, I had no idea how I was going to pull it off and I somehow I did and I’m pretty happy with it.

IP: What is one of your favorite memories from art?

CA: One of my favorite memories was going on the New York Field trip my sophomore year.

IP: Do you have any plans for art after you graduate?

CA: I plan on studying Graphic Design in college and pursuing a career that is involves a lot of art.

IP: Where can we see some of your art around Unionville?

CA: After our entire class finishes our pieces, our teacher, Ms. Porco, hangs them up all around the school.


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