Athlete of the Month: Bryce Halsey

By Grant Hineman ‘22 and Mark Matson ‘22



Being the most skilled on a team or putting up the most points in the season is only one half of a great athlete. Senior defenseman and varsity captain of the ice hockey team, Bryce Halsey, strongly presents the other half of a great athlete which includes the sacrifice, the commitment, and the overall confidence he sees in himself and the team.

Indian Post: When did you begin to play ice hockey? Where did you play?

Bryce Halsey: I began ice hockey when I was eight years old at the Chester County ice rink.

IP: Who is/was your role model in terms of playing hockey?

BH: My role model in playing hockey was definitely my dad. He inspired me to play ice hockey.

IP: What is your most memorable event in hockey?

BH: My most memorable event was when my 16U team won the DVHL championship.

IP: Who is your favorite player and team?

BH: My favorite player would have to be Zdeno Chara, captain of the Boston Bruins, which are my favorite team.

IP: What do you like most about Unionville Ice Hockey?

BH: I like the comradery and positive energy everyone has and brings on the ice.

IP: Is there something unique in your playing ability or strategy? What kind of player are you?

BH: I’m characterized as a player who does a lot of hitting.

IP: What is your mindset during a game, any pre-game rituals?

BH: I listen to some rock music—´80s rock music. I try to just get fired up!

IP: What are your goals for the season?

BH: My goal was to beat West Chester East, to be successful in the Ches Mont league, and maybe even win it.

IP: How do you feel about the fans? Do you think they have an impact on the game? Should more students attend?

BH: I definitely think more students should come to games. It really adds to the energy. They really add to the players on the ice.

IP: Has being named captain change your approach on the season?

BH: Not necessarily. I’ve always had the mindset to do the best I can. Having experience as captain has definitely helped.

IP: How do you plan to act when the team faces adversity this season?

BH: Just to keep going and build upon our mistakes.


We also interviewed coach of the varsity ice hockey team, Steve King, to get his opinions on his captain and athlete of the month:

IP: What qualities made you select Bryce Halsey captain of the varsity hockey team?

Steve King: Well, it started with us watching him last year and he was just a solid, consistent, hardworking guy last year and he carried that weight through into our training camp this year and showed that kind of steady, composed commitment to the team and a really good stolik leader. That’s why he got the seat

IP: How do you see Halsey contributing to the team?

SK: He’s got to be the guy in the locker room to steady it, especially when we’re in tougher games, and he’s got to make sure the younger guys are learning as well because this is his last year as a senior

IP: How do you think Halsey has been so far as a captain?

SK: I think he’s doing a wonderful job as captain. We need to get him to shoot the puck a bit more, but he’s doing everything that we’re asking of him to do, and he’s going to be a really strong contributor as as the season goes on, especially, deep into the season and into the playoffs. He will be a strong leader.


As well as his coach trusting Halsey, players on the team such as Cole Spano, Philippe Doucette, and Dylan Blackburn used the words “locker room captain,” “meaty,” and “unit” to describe Halsey. Not only does Bryce Halsey play a skilled and all around game on the ice, but he also is a leader and contributor off the ice. There is no doubt that underclassmen look up to Bryce Halsey as a player and person.


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