Biggest Bangers of 2018

By Emily Yao ‘20

Staff Writer


From the ground-breaking Eagles’ Super Bowl win in February to the dire bathroom crisis in May, 2018 is surely a year we will never forget. To refresh your memory, here are some of the highlights that have made this year especially unique.

Eagles Super Bowl Win – On February 4, 2018, the Eagles won, 41-33, in Philly’s the most anticipated game of the decade. After a tight first quarter that consisted of a block by the Eagles at the goal line and an amazing touchdown near the end by Alshon Jeffery, the Eagles maintained their unyielding attitude in the second quarter and scored yet another touchdown, bringing the score to 15-3.

Then, starting the third quarter, the Eagles led 22-12, but as the period progressed, the Patriots caught up and led 33-32 by the beginning of quarter 4. “Oh. My. God.,” we all cried during the seat-gripping official review of the touchdown made by Zach Ertz early on in quarter four.

In the last three seconds of the game, in which the Patriots attempted to squeeze in a touchdown, we gasped again in before realizing the game was actually over. Making eye contact with each other, we all screamed at the top of our lungs in unison; tears dripped down our cheeks as we whispered, “Dilly, dilly.”

Bathroom Crisis –  The words “Are you kidding me?” echoed throughout the high school on May 18, 2018 as Mrs. Jenkins’ email circulated throughout the school.

Various bathrooms were closed due to vandalism, and students would be required to sign in and out with a paraprofessional at the restroom on the second floor in the English hallway.

In the minutes following the announcement, the notifications on our phones blared non-stop as people “reply all”-ed what they had to say. While some students did reply, asserting that the administration had their reasons and that people need to “chill” because this was obviously not a permanent solution, the email chain quickly became bombarded with content ranging from toilet memes to the U.S. constitution. Nevertheless, the chaos that ensued over trying to use the bathroom and the 120+ emails we received that day were memorable parts of 2018.

Reopening of the Route 926 Bridge – The bridge on Route 926 finally reopened in August 25, 2018, cutting our travel time significantly. It had been a long eight months in which we had gone through the five stages of grief. We started out denying the truth, some of us continuing to drive up to the intersection near the bridge only to realize that it was indeed under construction. Raising a fist, we cursed the inconvenience for making our trip to West Chester an appalling two minutes longer. In the weeks that followed, as we drove by ACE, our hearts were filled with immense sadness.

We told ourselves that we would do anything to be able to drive on that beautiful bridge again. But by month three or four, we became accustomed to our new routes; we memorized the location of their potholes and tricky turns.

Then, in August PennDOT announced that the bridge was not only opening, but opening a week earlier than scheduled. Speeding over in our cars, driving 20 mph over the speed limit, we cried tears of joy as our cars flowed smoothly on the clean, fresh asphalt of the new bridge. It was a true miracle.

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