Club Wave

By Kriti Gupta ‘21

Staff Writer


Club Wave, founded in the fall of 2013, has been leaving a lasting impact on our community. Club Wave allows for flexibility and variety, while allowing students to gain National Honors Society hours, and is best characterized by smiling faces.

One of the first service projects done with Club Wave was with the Brandywine Conservancy, planting trees around Pocopson Home. “I still see it every time I drive by,” and I get really happy,” said club advisor Mrs. Natalie Miller.

Club Wave has recently volunteered at LaMancha Animal Rescue, assisting in an obstacle race to support animal rescue work and care programs. On this Saturday morning trip, students interacted with others in the community and partook in hands-on volunteering involving cheering for entrants and directing runners at the obstacles.

Looking forward, Mrs. Miller said that plans for the future involve volunteering at the Friends Home in Kennett. Last year, the club had visited the retirement home to teach residents how to use technology, but this year, the roles have been flipped. Miller said, “Kennett residents are going to teach us a lesson about something from their generation.” She also said that this is a good opportunity for not only “[keeping] the people at the retirement home really active,” but is also an opportunity for “our students to learn something about what life was like growing up 60 years ago.”


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