Juniors win Powderpuff game

By Bailey Santaguida ‘19

Sports Editor


The juniors beat the seniors 14-7 and took the title as Powderpuff Champions on December 5.

An hour before the first whistle, both teams arrived at the turf to warm up. As the teams started to stretch and review plays, a few excited parents cheered in the stands and the opponents exchanged a few words of friendly rivalry. As the clock counted down the minutes until game time, excitement and anticipation swept the field.

As always, Powderpuff is a serious game about seniority, but this year the competitive spirit was palpable.

A few minutes before the game, the juniors called heads and won the coin toss. They decided to start on offense.

At exactly 7PM,  Mr. Kilpatrick blew the first whistle.

Within the first ten minutes, however, junior Kathryn Story ran 35 yards to score the first touchdown. The juniors screamed and the parents in the stand cheered.

Ten minutes later, Ms. Story scored another touchdown, making the score 14-0. The seniors hung their heads in temporary defeat but became all the more determined to win.

At half time, both teams took a break and the football players gave their pep talks.

When asked about his halftime pep talk, senior football player Nick Schnaars said he gave them “a Coach Clark Classic: ‘play hard, play fast, and play to win.’”

Heading into the second half, everyone on and off the field complained about numb fingers and toes as the temperature dipped to 25°F, but both teams picked up their focus and aggression, especially the seniors who were down by 14 points.

Though flag football avoids physical contact, a few players from each side began to tackle, and girls went down spinning. Mr. Joseph Kilpatrick called fouls appropriately, but the calls only intensified the emotions on both sides of the field.

Five minutes before the final whistle, the seniors were still 14-0. Senior Makayla Bucci made a final play in which she dodged several juniors and ran 30 yards to score one touchdown for the seniors, but the juniors ultimately won.

When asked about their win, junior Jenny Keglovits said, “It was so fun just playing and being with all my friends. We laughed when we failed but we also got extremely excited when we actually caught the ball. It was honestly one of the funniest and most fun moments ever. I feel like we all bonded a lot because even if you weren’t close friends with someone, you still rooted for them.”

Speaking in regards to the loss, senior Maya Burch said that she “honestly had a great experience. I am thankful enough I got to have the opportunity. It was definitely a dream for me, and the juniors made it really fun because of how much game and effort they brought to the table. It goes to show them that when they united for this game, it made them successful, and that applies to a lot of things in life. It was just really cool seeing the juniors work like that.”

Despite the loss, senior football captain Schnaars also loved to play. He said, “It’s always a good time to teach the girls how to play football and watch them play. Some girls have a natural skill for the game while other tend to get better and better during practices.”


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