Op-Ed: Uphold Americans’ right to bear arms

By Nate Homsey ‘21



It’s essential to see both sides of an argument and draw one’s own conclusion. Something rarely covered by the mainstream media is the side in favor of gun rights, which is harmful to the general public that is often misled by this anti-gun rhetoric.  

It’s important to discuss the purpose of a gun. There are three uses for a firearm: to kill as a means of self- defense, to kill another person in cold blood, or to hunt. Which of these two occurs more often? While the media leads one to believe that cold-blooded shootings are rampant, this could not be further from the truth.

While gun ownership has dramatically increased since 1993, gun violence has gone significantly down. Evidently, guns are not the issue.

Gun control proponents argue that, compared to every other country, America has significantly more gun crime, but this claim is misleading. The United States has significantly fewer gun crimes than numerous other countries, including countries with strict gun control. The United Kingdom banned handguns in 1997, and since the ban the crime rate has increased 77 percent. The United States, while having 88.8 guns per 100 people, is 11th in the world for number of mass shootings.

In Kennesaw, Georgia, it was mandated that all residents own a firearm. Since the law was passed in 1983, crime went down an astonishing 89 percent. Clearly, more guns do not equate to increased shootings, but rather, larger numbers of mentally ill individuals lead to more atrocious acts. Therefore, the issue that should be addressed is how do we help these people.

Everyone has heard the statement “criminals don’t follow laws,” but it is still written off as redundant. Rather than stop crime, gun control will only increase it. When polled, roughly three of five convicted felons said that they would avoid a target if it had a firearm.

As technology advances, many wonder if the Second Amendment is outdated. The liberal left says yes, but is this really true? The Second Amendment wasn’t created for hunting or for mass shooters. Rather, it was created to protect the people from a tyrannical government. In the early stages of the United States, Thomas Jefferson put in an order for firearms capable of holding five rounds before needing to reload. Jefferson had accounted for technological advancement, just as he knew postal mail wasn’t going to be the only form of long-distance communication in the future.

One may ask why the right to bear arms is so important, and the reason is simple: to protect the other rights, to practice the right to self preservation, and to ensure the security of a free state. For far too long, the media has been pushing anti-gun rhetoric, rather than addressing the actual issue: people. Reality is not always what it seems, so think for yourself before others start thinking for you.

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