Student and teacher Lunch and Learn survey results

What do teachers think?


“Students with packed schedules and AP classes will be able to enjoy the benefits of a study hall without sacrificing credits, especially in a more and more progressive and ambitious school.”


“One hour isn’t enough time for students who need study halls in their schedule. It is not enough time to talk to teachers and study or do homework and eat lunch and socialize. This is not efficient and will lead to students becoming more and more stressed.”

What do students think?


“Good for students to have access to teachers during the day. I trust our students to make good choices with their time. We have great kids!”


“I’m concerned about an ‘open campus’ hour and 1400 kids wandering around. I’m concerned that most kids will be hanging out and goofing around, rather than ‘learning’ for the time. Seems chaotic with no real purpose for the change…a recipe for problems and discipline issues!”

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