Bachelor of the Month– June 2018

By Bryan Kurey ’19


Name: Riley Duncan

Grade: 11th

What’s keeping you busy these days: Scouring Ebay for various types of rare potatoes.

Where’s your favorite hangout spot in the school: Sitting in the bathroom.

What’s your spirit animal: Trash panda (raccoon).

What your ideal date: Finding a beached whale and pushing it back into the sea.

What are some of your likes: Rare potatoes, ostrich riding, and pretending that I am an early 15th century school boy.

What are some of your dislikes: It really grinds my gears when there is a t-rex that won’t move in the road.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Cultivating my own potato farm while renting, leasing, and breeding ostriches on the side.

What’s the one song that you’re really bumping to lately: Hey Ya! by OutKast

What are you most excited for right now: The buy one get one at Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesdays.

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