Artist of the Month: Thomas McClure

By: Luke Barsamian ‘22



Meet Thomas McClure, a Junior and musician here at the high school.

Indian Post: What is the name of the band, and why did you choose it?

Thomas McClure: We are The Fainz. Aside from the fact that it just sounds cool, Alex and Leo are brothers right, and their last name is Fain, and we talk about having this connection, that we feel like we’re all brothers even though I’m not related to them by blood.

We just clicked instantly when we first met each other; we have the same taste in music, same sense of humor, same way of thinking, it’s awesome. We’re able to create good music and work well with each other because of that.

IP: How long have you had this band?

TM: I joined this band when I was in eighth grade. The other two guys in the band go to Henderson High School. The singer goes to Temple—he graduated last year. I met them at a jazz band competition and one of them saw me playing the drums. Afterwards they asked me to join their band, and I’ve been in it ever since.

IP: What type of music do you guys play?

TM: We play alternative rock, but there is other kind of influences from all over the place, like pop punk, or indie, or classic rock even.

IP: Who are the members?

TM: There are three people in the band, counting myself. Leo Fain plays the bass, and Alex Fain plays the guitar and is the lead vocalist. Leo does most of the harmonies; I do some harmonies, but it is kinda hard to sing and play drums at the same time.

IP: Do you write your own songs or do you play other songs?

TM: We basically only do original songs. We have a lot of original songs in our catalog, but every show we play, we will probably do at least one cover, just to get the audience into it.

IP: Do you guys perform in public? If so, how often?

TM: We play gigs all the time. I think just last month we had a gig at the Trocadero, which is a really big venue in Philly that lots of bands from back in the day played at, which was a really cool experience.

But, ever since we have been a band, we’ve played shows in West Chester, we’ve played shows in the Kennett Flash…just all over the place.

IP: Where do you guys practice?

TM: It’s a lot harder this year because we have three different people in three different places: one man at Unionville, one man at Henderson, and one man at Temple. But in the past when we were all close together, we would all practice at Alex and Leo’s house because they are brothers. They have a room in their house where all their amps and drums are set up.

IP: How often do you guys practice?

TM: Again, it’s different this year because we are all spaced out, but we try to practice at least once a week because we all wanna see the band grow and it is important to keep at it.

IP: Do you have a favorite song you like to perform?

TM: Well, we have a lot of songs that definitely have a lot more energy live than other ones. One of our personal favorite songs to play live is called “Reasons.” We also like our song “Wednesday.”

IP: Do you put your songs out on the Internet?

TM: Yeah, this summer we spent a lot of time working to put our songs out on Spotify and iTunes, Apple Music, everything like that. We did a battle of the bands in Avon Grove and won a prize; the prize was a lot of studio time at a studio in West Chester called Tribe Sound, and so we went there and recorded two songs, “I Want Mine” and “Wednesday.” They are both out on Spotify, Apple music, and Sound Cloud right now.

IP: What is your favorite part about being in a band?

TM: Definitely being able to express yourself creatively with your best friends, because being in a band is something all three of us have always wanted to do, and the fact that we have people listening to us on Spotify from weird, obscure places throughout the country is really surreal for all of us, even though it’s such a small amount of people. It seems like the first step, and we’re all excited about it because we wanna go really far with this band.

IP: How often would you say you perform gigs at places?

TM: In the past, we probably had at least one gig a month at most. Like I said, it’s been a lot less recently, but coming up, I’d say we’re going to be trying to do a lot more shows, so we’ll probably shoot for one show a month.

IP: How does this band fit in with your school life?

TM: We make it work. Whenever we have free time, we get together and hang out and practice, which isn’t taxing because we’re all really good friends, and it’s what we love to do.

It’s definitely hard to balance this creative passion project all three of us share with school, which is like deadlines for everything.

With a band, you have to do everything yourself, but there’s no deadline for when you need to release a song on Spotify or when you need to practice. It all comes from all three of our personal motivations to do it.

IP: Where do you guys get the ideas for your songs?

TM: It comes from all over the place. Being really young musicians, we have a unique outlook on the world and the people around us. Our songs touch on just being young; there are songs about different things but overall, being young is the overarching topic. Also, this world that we live in is very hectic, and watching it and being a part of it sorta relates back to our generation of people. But inspiration can come from anywhere. It’s just whatever we feel like that day.

IP: What direction do you want this band to go in for the future?

TM: We all really want to see this band go far and make this our living because, again, it means a lot to us.

Ever since we were all really little, we all always wanted to be in a band, and since we have a relatively established audience at 16 to 18-years-old, that’s really big for us, and we want to keep riding that as much as we can. We want to do it for a living; we want to play shows and write songs because it’s just what we love to do. We don’t get as much enjoyment out of anything else as we do get out of this band. It’s our passion.

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