Bachelor of the Month: Jacob Garver

By: Lyndsey Barrett ‘20



Name: Jacob Garver

Grade: 11

Likes: I like trying to arrange my spaghettiO’s in alphabetical order, but so far I’ve had no luck.

I’m also quite fond of girls calling me chief.

Dislikes: Frogs, people that like frogs, and, uh toads.

Favorite pickup line: Girl, the back of your head is ridiculous.

Where I see myself in 10 years: As the waterboy for the 76ers, or maybe Bachelorette of the Month.

What do I look for in a person: Someone who doesn’t like frogs and someone who I can bump to Bill Withers with.

Ideal date: A wacka flacka flame concert.

Pet peeves: Frogs and toads…and when frogs touch me.

Spirit animal: Anything that can kill a frog.

Favorite type of music: Anything Chief Kief.

Hidden talent: I know the lyrics to every Kanye song. I’m a Kanye enthusiast.

Celebrity crush: Sommer Ray because she’s got a nice personality.

If I could have any superpower: The power to kill anything I want (especially frogs).


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