Inside the Writing Center

By Eva Tryon ‘21



Photo by Noel Lomonaco

After the formal introduction of Chromebooks to all students this fall, many are predicting that the Writing Center will experience a decrease in activity. The Writing Center, in room 216, is a desktop-equipped facility available to students to complete their online work. Since all students now have their own portable computers, this service may seem obsolete. However, this prediction so far have proved to be false.

Writing Center specialist Kathy DiFilippo said, “the Chromebooks have really not impacted any change at all.” “It is only October,” she added, but “I haven’t noticed anything yet.” One of the only changes noticed by Mrs. DiFilippo as a result of the introduction of the Chromebooks is that “now students are coming in with a Chromebook.”

The fact that the Writing Center has maintained its utility and popularity suggests that there must be other resources and services provided by the center that the Chromebooks cannot provide. One such resource is Mrs. DiFilippo herself. She is always available to students for help with projects, writing pieces, Powerpoint presentations, and more.

The Writing Center also offers a multitude of online services, including a Canvas page and a website with links to databases and other resources. According to DiFilippo, these online resources are especially useful when a student needs help with something at home, if they forgot some material covered in class, or if they were absent during a lesson.  

Another benefit of the Writing Center is that it is open to students before school and during all lunches and study halls. Students can also report directly to the center during study hall without checking in first with their study hall teachers, unlike the library or the Cyber Cafe.  DiFilippo stressed that these features contribute to the accessibility and helpfulness of the Writing Center.

DiFilippo enjoys her position, and she indicated that she loves working with the teachers and “assisting the students with what they need.” While she often sees many of the same faces frequenting the Writing Center, she is also constantly welcoming new students. In addition, she loves the variety of her work, as each student has different needs.


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