A jump start in art

By Faith Paulson ‘22



With so many talented students in the Art Department, it’s only natural to see the culmination of their work throughout the school this year. From NAHS to Intro to Drawing, here’s an overview to paint a picture of the Art Department’s creations this year.

You might have noticed the large snow plow that was sitting in the grass outside of the school. The factor that makes this object unique is that instead of a drabby, ordinary plow, this is painted to resemble a lovely winter day. “Paint the Plow” is a contest now open to Chester County high schools that allows students to express their school via painting a PennDOT (PA Department of Transportation) snow plow.

The plow will not only be used in the winter to clear snow off the roads, but it will also promote safety during inclement weather. The theme this year was “Slow in the Snow,” hence the words painted on the plow. NAHS students carried out this project, and senior Phoebe Smith in particular conceived the beautifully intricate design of pine trees, snowflakes, and snow. Once the plow was picked up by PennDOT, the judges decided the Unionville plow to be the winner of district six. There will also be a fan favorite choice of plow that the general public will determine through a Facebook campaign, however this project is just one of the many ways NAHS students are plowing their way to success. They’ll be working on an outreach program for the middle schoolers and making crafts with children as a part of UTHON, too.

In addition, UHS now has a lovely Cultural Cafe. French teacher, Madame Liska, had this cross curricular idea of a new environment with the purpose of providing language learners a place to role play and engage in speaking assignments. Former UHS student Helen Nichols contributed to the project by doing all the painting required to make this mural come alive. This section of the hallway even has green, restaurant-style seating. It is located in the language hallway near rooms 105-107. The only thing left to say is ¡Ve a ver el café cultural! (¿No hablas español? Well then, go see the cultural cafe!)

The art classes also have many amazing pieces on their palettes, so to speak. For example, the Art 1 Intro to Drawing class is broadening students’ horizons on realistic drawing techniques. This class teaches students step by step how to turn an ordinary object into a realistic, detailed drawing. Look around the school and check out all of the other art classes’ masterpieces! You’ll begin to see the beauty of art everywhere around UHS if you are willing to open your eyes widen your perspective.

Needless to say, the UHS Art Department takes a tremendous role in adding color to our daily lives, but there is still room to grow. Whether through NAHS, art classes, or volunteering, there is always a way to be involved in the creative process of brightening our school.

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