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By Sisi Snavely ‘19 and Shweta Nanda ‘20



Here’s a review to help you decide what’s better: Apple or Spotify.

Apple Music:

After finally giving in and purchasing my Apple Music membership, I can confidently say Apple Music is the best music streaming service. The best feature is without a doubt the “Recently Added” page where I can easily access my most recently downloaded music. And unlike Spotify, my music automatically syncs to my iTunes, so I can listen to my music on my laptop or my phone. Plus, Apple Music allows me to access the REAL top charts where I can quickly access the most popular music of today dictated by what songs are purchased the most frequently

Not to mention, Apple Music has every music video available for me to watch at any time. As an added bonus, Apple Music includes artist interviews, documentaries, and it often releases new music videos before any other streaming service. But what really puts Apple Music on top is what it doesn’t do: terrible shuffling. Spotify may be available for free, but no one needs “Girls like you” to play five times in one hour.



With more than 20 million songs and twenty thousand more added every day, Spotify is the champion of music streaming services. Even if you don’t know where to start, Spotify has several ready-to-jam playlists, sorted by genre and overall vibe. And, if you’re already a part of the Spotify community, I bet you’ve taken advantage of the “Daily Mix” playlists and “Discover Weekly” features.

Spotify allows you to create your own playlists, but you can also share and follow other people’s playlists. Spotify also has a number of banging radio station that is based on the music you love. While all these features help create the awesomeness that is Spotify, nothing can compare to free music. When it comes down to it, people are cheap, and the true savior of penny-pinchers, Spotify, will lead us to a society of musical perfection with utmost happiness.


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