Tiger Woods makes a comeback

By Bailey Santaguida ‘19 and Morgan Santaguida ‘20

Sports Editor and Staff Writer


After five years of winning consecutive tournaments and establishing himself as a golf legacy, Tiger Woods has failed to win a title. In 2009, Woods’ golf game collapsed, and his rankings officially fell from 1st place to 1,199th place in the world.

Of course, Wood ’s slump could be attributed to his personal struggles from his divorce, two car crashes, and a multitude of surgeries. But because of these conflicts, Woods himself was doubtful that he could climb back to the top.

When ESPN asked him about his severe back injuries, he stated, “Coming back and playing golf was never in my thoughts. It was just, ‘How do I get away from this pain? How can I live life again?’ I felt like I couldn’t participate in my own life.”

For a time, even his fans pitied his struggles and wondered if he would announce his retirement.

However, on September 23, 2018, at the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club, Tiger Woods overcame his previously debilitating slump and made an exciting comeback. Starting off, Woods took the lead in the tournament with a first round of 69 strokes. Through the next two rounds, he shot a 68 and 65, respectively, and going into the final round, Woods held first place. Walking on to the 18th hole dressed in his famous red shirt, Woods closed his round shooting a 71, and he took Tour Championship title.

Ultimately, this win secured his 80th career victory, and BBC labeled his success as “A tale of Implausible Redemption.”

When interviewed afterward by a Brain Wacker from Golf World, Woods said, “The people who are close to me saw the struggles and what I was going through, and some of the players that I’m pretty close to, they’ve really helped throughout this process and the last few years. Their support and some of those things that they said coming off that last green meant a lot to me.”

Now, According to Official World Golf Ranking, Woods is ranked 26th in the world: a 1,173 rank increase within the past nine months. Indeed, Tiger Woods’s recent comeback only adds to his outstanding golfing legacy.

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