Artist of the Month: John Roper

By Giselle Wagner ‘20


eet the artist of the month for October: John Roper. Roper  is a senior who has created complex and astounding graphic designs out of abstract smybols and shapes. The Indian Post spoke to Roper to discuss his perception of artistry.

Indian Post: What type of art do you most enjoy?

John Roper: I most enjoy ink drawings and stippling. Stippling is just thousands of dots that make up work.  There’s no specific theme to my art, it just starts as a basic concept and I build from that.

IP: For how long have you been drawing?

JR: For as long as I can remember. I am pretty sure I started around the age of four or five to be exact. I had a hard time focusing in class as a kid, so I used to doodle characters. From then on, I just stuck with it.

IP: Why do you do art?

JR: It really lets me isolate myself from my thoughts, because I am anxious a lot of the time. Art lets me think clearer, and I can zone out. There’s something about it that is really calming.

IP: Where can we find your artwork displayed?

JR: If you look around the art hall and the cyber cafe, a lot of my stuff can be seen here. My guache of Childish Gambino is right there, and so is my charcoal of a lion. I also post my ink drawings and stippling art on my Instagram, @j_roooopes.

IP: What’s your favorite piece?

JR: My favorite piece was the colored pencil that I started last year. It’s both color and ink work in one, but I still haven’t finished it yet. It’s based off of a picture I saw on Instagram; they were holding a lighthouse in their hand and in the beam of the lighthouse, there’s a lot of animals that are stippled.

IP: Do you plan to take art to a professional level?

JR: I don’t plan to do art as a primary profession, I’d definitely put it on the side. I would like to go into scientific research and possibly making illustrations for science textbooks or scientific journals or stuff like that.

IP: Any advice to aspiring artists?

JR: Yeah, just do what you do. Take time out of your day and draw, paint, whatever inspires you. It’s a good skill to have and a nice outlet to express yourself so your emotions aren’t bottled up.


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