Gritty Gritty

By Jamie Gallop ‘21 and Cali Nutter ‘21


Philly is known for having very enthusiastic, loud, and proud fans. Of course with every team comes a mascot that enhances team pride and spirit. Philly mascots are present at games as well as some times at public events.

First, we have the green, large, furry, creature better known as the  Philly Phanatic. The Phanatic is the mascot for the Phillies, Philadelphia’s baseball team. According to his official biography he was originally from the Galapagos islands and the Phillies biggest fan. Throughout baseball games at Citizens Bank Park the Phanatic will perform several routines to hype up the crowd; including that of dancing and taunting the other team as well as shooting hot dogs into the crowd. When the Phillies aren’t playing the Phanatic will make public appearances on behalf of the Phillies.

Along with the Phanatic there is Franklin the dog to hype up the crowd at the basketball games. The 76ers are the home basketball time for the city of Philadelphia and perhaps have the richest mascot history. Franklin is a blue dog in charge of boosting the energy throughout the sixers games and promoting the team in public events As said in his biography Franklin was discovered throughout history for years as a blue paw signing the declaration of independence or as a blue flash running alongside Rocky as he ran to the top of the Art Museum steps. However prior to Franklin the sixers had a different mascot known as Hip Hop a rabbit character who would perform acrobatic tricks during timeouts and halftimes.

Next, we have Swoop who is the mascot of the city’s football team the Eagles. Swoop is seen to be an American bald eagle wearing a sports jersey with double zeros. Just like his fellow mascots Swoop also has a biography depicting his past; he was a bald eagle with poor eyesight and strength who gained strength and vision after a fan gave him an Eagles jersey. During the NFL season Swoop is generally present during Eagles games and can be seen as an animated character of the Eagles Kids Club tv show. Swoop also makes appearances at public events on behalf of the eagles during and after the NFL season.

Finally, is the newest addition to the Philly mascots the Flyers, the city’s hockey team’s, mascot Gritty. Gritty was introduced to fans this year on September 24 and has been making headlines since, as the Flyers didn’t have a mascot before. Gritty is a 7-foot tall, furry creature with big googly eyes who wears a Flyers jersey and helmet. The story behind Gritty is that he was found by the team, as having lived under the stadium until renovations uncovered him. This season we can expect for Gritty to hype up the Flyers stadium even though the majority of people may find him frightening.

Philadelphia’s sports fans’ undoubtable spirits are only enhanced by the several mascots. Gritty, the Philly Phanatic, Swoop, and Franklin will all be present at games during these upcoming sports seasons as they can hope to cheer the teams to victory.

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