By Kate Dobbins ‘19



Senior jeans. In case you were living under a rock during spirit week or somehow failed to get an Instagram in 6th grade, the senior girls (and maybe a few guys) rolled up to school on October 1 in the very best $10 jeans they could find at GoodWill.

But I’m not here to judge. I mean, I wore them too.

There’s just something so enticing about spending $20 on paint and basically being Picasso for two hours with some of your best friends.

The only issue, however, is that we will literally never wear them again. I mean, can you imagine someone showing up to graduation in Walmart-brand senior jeans? Or even better, a promposal with “We’re go1n9 to prom, right?” written down the left pant leg? The only way for us to really have this investment of an outfit worn again would be to sell it to next year’s senior class with our old AP psych flashcards and chem notes.

Even for those unlucky people who couldn’t convince their parents to give them some cash for spirit week outfits, senior jeans were still an incredible experience for the class of 2019.

In one day, we saw more denim, more iron-ons, and more snapchat stories than we’ve ever seen before.

Not to mention, we got to show off art skills that would leave Dil shaking.

Though, among the absurd number of “b19 dog” posts we saw from girls in the courtyard, “2019”s dripped onto jean pockets, and even a literal Van Gogh painting, the high school found a new tradition that is more fun and creative than others that we’ve seen lately.


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