Unionville’s most wanted

By Jenna Ahart ‘21

A&E Editor

This October, Unionville alumnus Zeeko Zaki debuted in his role as special agent Omar Adom Zidan in CBS’s FBI. While previously Zaki has had recurring roles in shows such as 24: Legacy, Six, The Night Shift and Valor, he is excited for this opportunity in a larger and different role.

Not only does Zaki provide inspiration for Unionville, but also for the middle Eastern community. From Alexandria, Egypt, and fluent in Egyptian Arabic, he hopes to use his position to better create a sense of respect for Arab people both in and out of America.

The Indian Post recently had the opportunity to interview Zaki, and acquire a better glimpse at his time at the high school and the development of his career.

Indian Post: Describe your high school experience.

Zeeko Zaki: My high school experience was incredible. I had the chance to partake in so many different clubs and sports and as a result made a countless number of friends and memories.  

IP: What do you miss the most about Unionville?

ZZ: I miss my friends. I miss Landhope, and I miss home-cooked meals every night.  

IP: When did you realize that you wanted to become an actor?

ZZ: I didn’t realize I wanted to become an actor until sophomore year of college—in North Carolina, where there was a small industry. Before that, I didn’t think it was an option, so the dream wasn’t even a dream yet.

IP: What major steps did you take in pursuing your career as an actor?

ZZ: I listen to the closest people to me, and once I decided to go for it, I dedicated every ounce of my being– whatever that meant in whatever moment I was in along the journey.  

IP: What is the most memorable experience you’ve had so far in your industry?

ZZ: It’s split between the first thing I booked, the first moment I was accepted as an actor in this world, and this job I have right now. The opportunity I have to change the narrative for middle eastern people on television and film is a task big enough to feel born for.  

IP: Do you have any advice for other aspiring actors?

ZZ: Listen to your gut and to your teachers. Oh, and dream as big as possible and never ever listen to anyone telling you otherwise.

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