You are a Lazy Bum and Here is Why

With swimsuit season fast approaching, your schedule is surely packed with mornings at the gym and afternoons spent in the tanning booth—or so you aspire. In reality, your fitness routine, or lack of thereof, remains the same as it did all winter. Still, you tell yourself and the rest of the world that your “summer

Album Review: Gallery

Currently known by few but soon to be known by many, A R I Z O N A is having a stellar breakthrough year in 2017. The band dates back to 2015 when Zachary Hannah, David Labuguen, and Nathan Esquite started writing their own music after a long day of producing for other artists. I

13 Reasons Why Not

Netflix’s recent series 13 Reasons Why is a heavy show to interpret and perceive. The series follows two narratives: one in the present and the other told through flashbacks. In the present, the protagonist Clay Jensen seeks truth and justice for Hannah Baker, a girl who killed herself following a series of traumatic events brought

Cutting the Cord

Getting rid of cable? Cutting the cord? At a glance, this idea seems unnatural in today’s day and age, as families everywhere regularly enjoy cable. However, living life without cable may not be so bad. With streaming services like Hulu, HBO, and Netflix, getting rid of cable is a viable option. Transitioning from cable to