4,018 miles: Tess Wofford

Indian Post interviewed junior Tess Wofford about her time studying abroad in Germany. Wofford details her experiences overseas and reflects upon the past year.

Indian Post: How did you decide that you wanted to study abroad for an entire school year?

Tess Wofford: My dad and my brother both spent their junior year abroad in Argentina, and they both had such amazing experiences; I thought that I would love to do the same.

IP: What scared you the most before you left on your trip?

TW: I was scared about the fact that I wasn’t scared…But, to be honest, on my flight I had a small freak-out because everything sunk in and I half-expected to wake up in my room being late for school. Apparently, it was obvious because the man sitting next to me told me that I looked like I could use a cookie, and handed me a snack-pack of Oreos.

IP: What is German school like? 

TW: My school is a combination of elementary school and college. You have your class, mine has 28 students, and you have every subject together like in elementary school. Subjects are made up of two 45-minute periods and a five-minute break in between. If a teacher gets sick, has a meeting, or just doesn’t show up to class, the class will be cancelled instead of calling in a substitute, like in college…The campus is very open, and students are encouraged to walk around outside during breaks.

IP: What are some of the things you miss most about home? 

TW: Tacos, 24-hour anything, and Wawa’s 24oz hazelnut coffee.

IP: Can you give any tips for students who are interested in studying abroad?

TW: First, take a folder, write exchange on it, keep everything in it. If exchange moderators are asking you for something and you have no idea what they’re talking about (language barriers or otherwise)…it’ll be in the folder. Next, do NOT waste a SINGLE day. You feel like you have forever to do everything you want—you don’t. Your exchange year starts the day you get there. Make every moment count. Lastly, take pictures. Don’t spend your entire year looking through a lens, but remember to capture memories.

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