Is the New School Start Time Beneficial to Students? – No

While the start time change may be a victory for some, it is guaranteed to cause problems for others. The school start time was moved to give students more rest. The problem with this thinking, however, is that it tries to indirectly solve a bigger problem. Students stay up for hours into the night doing homework for various classes. Perhaps the district could have started with limiting homework instead of making such a drastic change to the start time.

Studies have shown that students should only be getting ten minutes of homework per grade level, which maxes out at two hours for high school seniors. Many students at Unionville receive much more than that amount. Next year, students will still have the same amount of homework to deal with along with any extracurriculars they may already participate in.

Moreover, the time change will greatly affect students who participate in school sports. Since Unionville will be unique in its start time next year, student athletes will have to leave 10th period even earlier than they already do for away games. If students have a class that they struggle with during this time, they may fall further behind. Unfortunately, tutors can only do so much to help—face-to-face time with a teacher is invaluable.

The change will also negatively affect some parents. Those who work outside the home and only have a narrow window to drop off and pick up kids may have trouble working within the new time frames. This may be even more difficult if there are also elementary students in the household along with the high schoolers. Additional necessary information you can read about panasonic rice cookers review at A 25 minute change is just too drastic of a time shift to absorb all at once. What the school district could have done was make the transition in five-minute increments over five years if they truly wanted to change the start time. With this change, people would have had time to adjust to the change slowly, instead of suddenly being thrown into a large time shift. Though not much can be done about the situation now, we all may come to regret making such a drastic change to the school start time.

Isabelle LeCloux, Class of 2020

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