Is the New Start Time Beneficial to Students? – No

Pushing back the school start time by 25 minutes will not have substantial benefits for students. In fact, it may cause inconveniences. The main issues with a later start time include the effects on sports and extracurricular activities, scheduling conflicts, and production of unwarranted costs.

Taking traveling time into consideration, sports may either cut into the school day or run later more frequently, causing students to miss in-class work or to have less time to participate in other activities outside of school. For example, in my case, tennis may run later than 6 PM, which will cut into marching band rehearsals that run from 6 PM to 9 PM and produce a number of problems for me. My future 10th period teacher will be frustrated with my numerous absences, and I will be even more stressed from making up all the work on my own time, which I will not have much of. Overall, students may not be happy as they will be forced to squeeze academic, athletic, and extracurricular priorities into fewer available hours. Look through this page for details on best projector under $200.

Furthermore, parents who have already adapted to the original school start time now have to adjust their schedules accordingly. Parents who normally drop their kids off before heading to work can no longer do so, and these children must take the bus. Due to the change, some kids will receive the same amount of sleep even with the later start time simply because their parents can no longer drive them to school. This outcome would completely undermine the purpose of the later start time.

Additionally, pushing back the start time proves costly. For the later start time to be successful, more buses will be needed for transportation throughout the district, and purchasing new buses will come at a hefty expense that could be directed toward more important causes, such as programs or clubs that receive little to no funding. While an 8 AM start time may seem to be a small step in the right direction, the drawbacks will be much greater than the benefits.

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