Op-Ed: Revamp Homecoming Music

Homecoming 2016. A sea of teenagers spans across the gymnasium. The night is full of opportunity; who knows what could happen…

Why are my feet being crushed?  Why is this person uncomfortably close to me? WHY AM I HEARING FIREBALL FOR THE FIFTH TIME???

While students had their own issues with the annual dance, one common complaint is prevalent—the music is unbearable. In the days following last year’s homecoming, people couldn’t stop talking about the DJ. Why was he a middle-aged man who kept plugging his Facebook?

The discontent shown with the homecoming planning committee’s selection was very clear.

Just like the other students in attendance, I was frustrated with the constant repeats and poor musical selection. As a result, I decided to pursue involvement in the music for this year’s homecoming. Unfortunately, a contract had been signed with the same company that provided the DJ for last year’s homecoming, ensuring him the job for this year.

At this point, I realized that student DJing was impossible, but I had to continue to try make this year’s music better. I put together a list of songs that the students would like to hear played at their homecoming. This list was delivered to the DJ the morning of our homecoming dance, but the DJ still had the final decision about what was played.

Entering into the gymnasium that night, I heard music blasting and lights flashing. Personally, I was enjoying the music, but one thing became very clear. These songs were not based off my list. At this point, the DJ was making his own choices, and he was the man responsible for providing music to keep a crowd of teenagers satisfied.

Over time, people began to talk about and show their dislike for the music being played. Every once in awhile there would be a burst of energy, but overall the crowd was lackluster.

This is not to say that the music cannot be improved. I will be the first person to say that good music can make the atmosphere for school dances. I believe it’s time for this poor music to end.

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