Provide Safety For All Crossing Route 82

These days, it seems like we are more reactive than proactive. Airlines are just now amending policies related to overbooked flights due to the recent United Airlines scandal and a string of similar incidents involving other airlines. In this past year, there have been 128 mass shootings (as defined by the FBI), yet the U.S. has little to no policy regarding the prevention of gun violence. Suicide is only addressed in school after 13 Reasons Why depicts it. We all wish to prevent horrible things from happening, so if we have the chance to do so, shouldn’t we take that opportunity?

Getting to school, for the majority of students, doesn’t merit a second thought. Whether it’s riding the bus, driving to school, or even walking, safety feels guaranteed.

However, for those walking to and from school, traveling without a crossing guard is not only difficult, but also extremely dangerous.

Most cars, going well above the 45 mph speed limit, are unwilling to let students cross the street, so students are forced to wait for a clearing and dash across the road.

A student’s safety should not be only guaranteed during a short period of time before and after school. Many students stay after school for sports, clubs, group projects, or tutoring.

In fact, a middle schooler from Central Dauphin East Middle School, in Colonial Park, Pennsylvania, was recently hospitalized after being hit by a car while trying to cross the street. It is reprehensible that children are unnecessarily put at risk for something that could be easily solved.

Rather than waiting for a tragic accident to occur at our school, we must be proactive in this precarious situation. A possible solution would be to use the flashing light—signaling a speed limit of 15 mph—on Route 82 until it gets dark outside. This reminder would force cars to slow down around the high school and middle school long after school ends. With cars driving closer to 15 mph rather that 45 mph, they could not only stop more easily for students crossing the road, but also students would be able to cross the road without the need for a crossing guard to be constantly present.

We must strive to prevent issues like this from arising in school zones. Students should always feel safe both in school and when commuting to school. Asking drivers to slow down is a small request that can go a long way in protecting students.

One thought on “Provide Safety For All Crossing Route 82

  • June 13, 2017 at 7:17 AM

    I agree–I think the addition of a stoplight at the crosswalk is necessary to mprove safety. Because of the high speeds there, it is difficult for drivers to see if students are waiting at the crosswalk and dangerous to come to a complete stop for pedestrians to cross, since other cars are not anticipating a stop at that crosswalk.


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