Bachelor/Bachelorette of the Month, RIPE

Bachelor of the Month June 2017: Matt Caputo

Name: Matt Caputo


Likes: Reading, watermelon, and scintillating conversation.

Dislikes: Star Wars prequels.

Favorite Hangout Spot: My barn.

Favorite Subject: AP Nap.

Spirit Animal: Panda bears because I’m large, soft, and I do little but eat and sleep. 

Favorite Artist: Salvador Dali.

Favorite Food: Bacon jalepeño mac and cheese.

Favorite Drink: Lemon with a little bit of water.

Best Vacation: My cousin’s Hawaiian wedding.

What makes me laugh: Bread.

What do I look for in a partner: Bread appreciation.

Perfect First Date: Sitting down at a cute local bakery and ignoring each other for those succulent, yeasty loaves.

Best Cheesy Pick Up Line: “Excuse me, but you dropped something.” “What?” “Your standards. Nice to meet you, I’m Matt Caputo.”

Future Occupation: I am, and always will be, Mr. Unionville.

Greatest Accomplishment: Smuggling a series of watermelons through the borders of a German-speaking town.

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