Bachelorette of the Month June 2017: Victoria Vaughn

Name: Victoria Vaughn

Grade: 11

Likes: Hanging out with friends, cats, ice cream, and theater.

Dislikes: Running and cherries.

Favorite Hangout Spot: Sweet Frog.

Favorite Subject: Math because I love math.

Spirit Animal: Black cats because I am protective of my friends and family and am always wearing black.

Favorite Artist: Skylar Grey.

Favorite Food: Ice cream.

Favorite Drink: Coffee. 

Best Vacation: London because I enjoyed learning the history and seeing amazing architecture.

What makes me laugh: Lame dad jokes.

What I look for in a partner: Good sense of humor.

Perfect First Date: Going out to eat ice cream and then taking a walk to enjoy nature.

Best Cheesy Pick Up Line: If you were a chicken, you would be im-peck-able.

Future occupation: Engineer.

Greatest accomplishment: Being in a music video.

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