An open letter to the new school year

By Heidi Huffman ‘22


Dear Back To School,

I am experiencing a phenomenon that everyone going back to school has experienced;  the need to start fresh, to reinvent yourself, to “get organized.” I feel like it’s finally time to be that person- the person that never seems to have a hair out of place or wear the same outfit twice. (Seriously, how big is your closet?) I just wish you wouldn’t lull me into this false sense of security- because in my heart I know this dream is unachievable.

The other day was the most dreaded day of summer: School Supply Day.  I can’t help but feel that this day’s events were your fault. If not for you, I wouldn’t even have had to be there. But, you know what? Walking into that Staples with my empty cart, it almost felt as if my life was really in my hands. I bought some school supplies, (maybe too much) and I was on cloud nine. I was finally ready to be the me I’d always dreamed of. Yet again, the time came, as it always does, around the fourth day of school. I hit a brick wall.  The “New Year” shine was gone, and all my teachers were actually… teaching. My fate seems unavoidable. I’m going to be the kid that has to borrow a pencil every day in class- not only every day, every period! Why have you done this to me?

There’s only one thing to fear now that my fate is sealed. Will you trick me into a false sense of security again next year? Is triumph even impossible?

I guess we’ll wait and see.

Thanks, (NOT)

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