What’s your impression of the high school?

By Aura Herece-Duchini ‘21 and Cayla Rubin ‘19


New Students, including freshmen and transfers, were asked, “What are your impressions of the high school?

“I’ve gotten lost almost every day, the staircases don’t make any sense”- Katie Turner, 9th grade

“The high school is certainly not as much of a prison as the middle school. I was surprised that I have not gotten lost so far.” -Ashley Zrebiec, 9th Grade

“A lot of people have beards and it’s actually scary”- Lauren Attwell, 9th Grade

“Unionville feels a lot more mature, and it seems more meaningful here at the highschool. All of the upperclassmen have been nice [to me]… except my older brother” Jessica Hall, 9th Grade

“I’ve had a really good experience so far and everyone has been really nice to me.” Hayley Wade, 10th grade transfer student

“I think that Unionville is a lot easier to transfer into than other schools and all the teachers are really nice, too! The students didn’t make me feel left out.” Gayathri Mannem, 10th grade transfer student

“I tried to open the locker next to mine before I realized it wasn’t mine.”- Rylie Nelson, 9th Grade

“The high school is definitely freer space for students. It offers more classes than the middle school. So far traveling around the school is not a hassle as there are a plenty of maps in the hallways.” -Stephen Zrebiec, 9th Grade

“I saw a kid who took someone’s backpack and threw it down the stairs”- Amelia Young, 9th Grade

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