Editors-in-Chief: Julia McDonnell and Sophia Qureshi

Section Editors

  • News: Rachel Folmar and Amitha Halthore
  • Opinions: Catherine Odom and Dominic Braithwaite
  • Features: Alex Rizaldi and Kaeli Kaymak-Loveless
  • Center Features: Isabelle LeCloux and Olivia Kenyon
  • RIPE: Sisi Snavely and Shweta Nanda
  • Arts & Entertainment: Jenna Ahart and Charles Bukovacz
  • Sports: Bailey Santaguida and Sam Cicarelli


  • Art/Graphic Design: Sophia Mayer and Audrey Lee
  • Photography: Emily Lewis and Noel LoMonaco
  • Fundraising: Kate Dobbins
  • Advertising/Social Media: Andrew Costello
  • Web: Aarohi Nadkarni
  • Distribution: Molly Evanko
Pictured: 2018-2019 Editors


Pictured: 2017-2018 Staff

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