Editors-in-Chief: Julia McDonnell and Katelyn Tsai

Managing Editor: Jake Brown

Section Editors

  • News: Rachel Folmar and Sophia Qureshi
  • Opinions: Andrew Binder and Daphne Ho
  • Features: Kendra La Fave and Julia Pyun
  • Center Features: Shweta Nanda and Alex Rizaldi
  • RIPE: Ellie Martin and Sachi Patel
  • Arts & Entertainment: Ethan Pan and Mahalet Tegenu
  • Sports: Veronica Hineman and Aiden Masters


  • Art/Graphic Design: Margaret Clisham and Elaine Li
  • Photography: Emily Lewis and Noel LoMonaco
  • Fundraising: Sarah Covert and Alex Koban-Hogue
  • Advertising: Emma Dougherty and Andrew Eginton
  • Web: Jack Lyons and Ashwin Singh
  • Distribution: Brooke Cicchino and Lauren Newbrough

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