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The race to college need not be a sprint

It seems as though the only topic of conversation that can be heard from the mouths of Seniors all year has been that one, ominous subject: college. Right now, the conversations are about roommates and Greek life. For the previous six months, the conversation has been about acceptances–and before that, it was about where everyone

Overwhelming media violence fosters more tragedy

The media is ubiquitous. Everywhere we look, we see headlines, newsflashes, and special reports. We live in an age where we have constant connections to current events, and information spreads like wildfire thanks to social media. In many cases this can be helpful. Take, for instance, access to weather information. Many of us would be

Senior year proves highly ineffective

Seniors, it’s about that time. For some of us, it’s been that time since the start of this school year. The decline into the laziness and grogginess that is senioritis has finally begun. Sure enough, we have put in all of the work that our tired bodies could muster over these four long years, and