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Point-Counterpoint: Trick or Treating Teens?

Trick or Creep  There is a time and a place for everything, so for once, lets grow up. We are simply too old to be out intimidating little kids on Halloween night, stealing candy, and deflecting evil stares from parents. We all remember as little kids watching the huge teenagers trampling through the neighborhood, and

Maintain political correctness

POINT-COUNTERPOINT Unionville Indians: Time for a change? In 1999, the NAACP called for the end of the use of Native American names, symbols, and mascots with backing from the U.S. commission for Civil Rights in order to address the racial insensitivity towards this particular minority. The use of Native Americans in athletics and high schools

Don’t change the mascot

POINT-COUNTERPOINT Unionville Indians: Time for a change? The Indian is a major part of the history and everyday life of Unionville High School. While our mascot generalizes Native Americans as being from prehistoric Indian territory- which is considered by some to be false- it is not as demeaning and racist as calling them Redskins or

P/CP: Should marijuana remain illegal?

Benefits of legalization outweigh risks A hot topic of our generation is whether the government should prohibit the recreational and me­dicinal use of Marijuana. Three states have now passed laws stating that under certain confines Ameri­can citizens may possess and use Marijuana. Similar to the drinking laws, an individual may not drive under the influ­ence

P/CP: Should marijuana remain illegal?

Health risks diminish potential benefits The reason so many young people smoke marijuana is that they think it is a safe alternative to cigarettes. To­day’s youth are under the impression that by smoking pot they can still get a relaxed, high feeling without causing permanent lung damage. Sadly, this is not the case. John Walters